Founded in 1976, VTech is the world’s leading manufacturer of corded and cordless telephones for the hospitality, business and residential markets.


Our relentless pursuit of innovation fuels the elegant styling and best-in-class engineering that define our product line. For our hospitality customers, the result is a new generation of affordable, tasteful and fully featured phones that indulge hotel guests and staff alike.

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Incorporated in early 2010, Bittel Americas is the US-based subsidiary of Bittel China, supporting North America, Latin America and the Caribbean. Bittel Americas opened the doors of its 14,000 square foot administrative and fulfillment center in San Jose, California on March 1, 2010, and provides complete customer service and support, fulfillment, and warranty support services. Additionally, a team of highly experience technical professionals provide lead research and design services for Bittel’s China-based engineering staff, which numbers over 30.


The entire team of Bittel Americas is comprised of experienced hospitality industry professionals, with nearly every team member boasting a minimum of ten years industry experience, and several key members over twenty years experience.

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Cetis is the owner and manufacturer of the Teledex brand, including iPhone, Opal, Diamond, and Nugget Series telephones, and ExpressNet high-speed Internet products. Designed and engineered in America, Teledex brand telephones by Cetis continue to be the standard by which other phones are judged. Cetis is proud to carry on the tradition of supplying world-class Teledex telephones to a growing global marketplace.

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TeleMatrix has consistently produced reliable, durable, and innovative products for hospitality and business. They are user-friendly, built to last, and backed by a strong customer service program. With over 16 years experience and 5 million telephones installed worldwide, TeleMatrix has a market proven product. Current models include 9000 Series.

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Scitec is a leading ISO-9001 and RoHS-certified manufacturer of telephones for hospitality, healthcare, education, and business applications. Choose from more than 30 single and 2-line feature phone and industry standard desk, wall, and slim line models. Scitec products have an established reputation for quality and value in the marketplace. The Aegis 08 and 09 series are currently available.

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AEI Communications Corp., was founded in May 2010 by former Teledex management and G-Tek Electronics. Based in Millbrae, California, USA, AEI was established as a subsidiary of G-Tek Electronics, an engineering design and manufacturing company headquartered in Taiwan and Malaysia that was the primary manufacturer supplier of guest room telephones to Teledex for 18 years, and has delivered millions of high quality guest room telephones. AEI was formed to serve the hospitality industry with advanced in-room analog and IP telephone systems and solutions.

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Faceplate Design

Our professional staff will work with you to design the faceplate that is right for your property. Our experience with printing over 100,000 faceplates each year ensures that you benefit from our knowledge and value pricing.

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